Network Functionalities

The OneUpOneDown network brings together two parties: mentors who want to offer their expertise, experience and support, and mentees who want to access the expertise, experience and support of mentors. Users can act in both of these roles by signing up as a mentor and mentee, or they can act as one or the other.

The objective of OneUpOneDown’s infrastructure is to (a) propose mentor-mentee relationships, (b) facilitate and record value exchange between mentor and mentee, and (c) incentivise learning and development within the network.

To achieve these objectives, we have developed the following functionality:

  1. Engaging user interface and interaction to collect professional, personal and personality-based data on users within the network.

  2. Mechanism (AI engine) for evaluating data and automatically proposing matches on a large scale

  3. User interface to propose, manage and track mentor-mentee engagement and success rate

  4. Tokenised mechanism to facilitate and record mentor-mentee relationships

  5. Tokenised rewards to incentivize behaviours that grow and strengthen the network

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